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Greenberg Lionel O-Gauge Volume 3 Greenberg Lionel O-Gauge 1937 Front Cover  

Available late 2024

In 1937 Lionel embarked on an exciting new era of steam engines with the No. 700E Hudson scale model. It was joined in 1938 by new diecast steam locomotives that provided finer details than most previous Lionel locomotives but not scale proportions and are called scale-detailed. These include Nos. 1664E, 1666E.224E, 225E and 226E. Lionel soon added more scale and scale detailed locomotives.

These locomotives were very popular and gave a focus to Lionel production. The new motors and new diecasting tooling were used for many years.

Lionel produced a self-assembly kit with accompanying user manual. Click here for more information.

Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains, O Gauge, Volume 3, 1937- 1942 examines the scale models and the scale-detailed locomotives. Volume 3 is expected to be published in 2024.

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