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Rosevear Family History: 1940-2005

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Rosevear Family History: 1940-2005

Few families can trace their origins back 550 years. The Rosevears can.

The Rosevear Family, from Cornwall, England has an extraordinary history and its history is now known because Bob Roseveare, whose name is spelled with an added “e,” became convinced that it was a story worth telling. Not only did he decide to compile the family’s history but he sought to bring the family together to meet each other and share their personal histories.

Bob searched through parish records, census data, probate data, marriage records and spoke to hundreds of “cousins” to compile the story. He then organized two Family Gatherings or reunions in Newquay, Cornwall, one in 1985 and one in 1990. By 1990 he had completed five pamphlets detailing the Rosevear Family.

Linda Rosevear Greenberg and her husband Bruce Greenberg attended both Family Gatherings and were caught up with the enthusiasm of Bob’s mission. They wanted to continue his work and to reach out to more Rosevears – those who had not attended the Gatherings.

In 2002, with Bob’s blessings and encouragement, they began to create the 541-page Rosevear Family History: 1440 – 2005. They entered over 14,000 names in a genealogical computer program and wrote to the 400 Rosevear families on Bob’s mailing list. At the same time they contacted other related relatives by email. Finally, in 2005 their work was – at least temporarily – finished and they published Rosevear Family History: 1440 - 2005.

To commemorate the event they sponsored a mini-reunion in St Austell, Cornwall, where Linda’s Rosevear relatives originated.

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