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GG Lionel Trains 1901-1940

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Bruce, Linda                     Linda and Bruce Greenberg

Bruce C. Greenberg grew up in Collingswood, New Jersey. He attended Princeton University and received his B.A. in Politics in 1965. He studied Political Science at the University of Michigan earning a Ph.D in 1972. From 1970 through December 1973, he taught Political Science at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. He then served as Assistant Provost of Antioch College in Columbia, Maryland until December 1974. His family history is presented in our publication The Brinkmann Family History From a very early age he was interested in model trains. While a graduate student at the University of Michigan he rediscovered model trains and they gradually became his life's work.

Linda Ferguson Rosevear grew up in New York City and on Long Island. She attended Syracuse University and earned a B.A. in International Relations in 1961. She studied American Studies at the University of Michigan and earned a MA in 1967 Her family history is presented in our publication Rosevear Family History 1440-2005

Greenberg, Nichols, Paul                     Three generations of the Greenbergs

Bruce Greenberg and Linda Ferguson Rosevear met when they were graduate students at the University of Michigan. They married in 1968 and have two adult children, Paul and Leslie, and seven grand children, all of whom make them very happy.

Bruce Greenberg in 1947 (3 years old)                     Bruce Greenberg in 1947 at 3 years old.

Bruce's love of toy trains leads to a career change

The web article and the web video tell his story in detail.

In January 1975 Bruce Greenberg founded Greenberg Publishing Company. In 1976 he created Greenberg Shows to promote the collecting of model trains and to sell his growing line of publications. In 1978 Linda Greenberg joined the company. In 2013 he established a permanent home in Bessley, USA for the Bessley Rail Road, an elaborate model train created for Greenberg Shows.

In 1984 he founded Greenberg Properties Inc.

In 1991 the Greenbergs sold Greenberg Publishing Company and Greenberg Shows Inc. to Kalmbach Publishing Company of Waukesha, Wisconsin, the publisher of Classic Toy Trains and Model Railroader magazines. In June 1993 Bruce Greenberg resigned as President of Greenberg Publishing Company. Kalmbach then closed the Greenberg Publishing office in Sykesville and moved its activities to Waukesha. Greenberg Shows remained in Sykesville until sold by Kalmbach in 2005.

After selling Greenberg Publishing Company, Bruce Greenberg turned to real estate development, working through Greenberg Properties. He substantially rebuilt three buildings in Sykesville, Maryland: the Rosevear Building, named for his father-in-law, the Arcade-Greenberg Building; and the Firehouse Building. He enjoyed the entire process from designing changes to the buildings to managing the construction.

In Linda Greenberg's book, "Sykesville Past and Present" descriptions and photographs document these changes as well as changes to other Main Street buildings.