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The Arcade - Greenberg Building: 1909 - 2019

The Arcade Building was built in 1909 by J. H. Fowble for Wade H. D. Warfield. Fowble's design for the Arcade Building featured a Roman brick front facade and was built in the then-popular style of a arcade business building. It had a wide, central walkway with two-story opening at each end. Above the walkway was an atrium three-stories high with a large skylight. Along the first floor walkway were stores with 14 foot high interior windows facing the wide center corridor. The arcade design was the predecessor to our American malls. Today part of the central walkway and its large windows can be seen at the rear of the first floor bookstore.

J. H. Fowble's contribution to Sykesville's architectural heritage is impressive. He designed and built the former Sykesville Bank at 7564 Main Street, the Warfield Building at 7560 Main Street, the Townhouse at 7547 Main Street, and the Inn at Norwood, a bed and breakfast, at 7514 Norwood Avenue

The detailed history of the Arcade Building is included in Linda Greenberg's book Sykesville Past and Present. A nearby building also discussed in her book is the 1948 Sykesville Fire Department Building.

Greenberg Building 1943
Arcade Building front from 1909 to the early 1950s.

The two-story front opening went from the front to the rear and had a skylight in the roof.

Greenberg Building 1963
Arcade Building front from early 1950s through 1968.

The second floor center bay was filled in to provide more office space. Above the now one-story entrance the name of the building, Arcade, can be seen.

This photograph records an important event: In 1964 the Sykesville Herald's printing press was removed from its office on the second floor by crane and moved to an off-Main Street location.

Greenberg Building 1973
Colonial revival facade from 1968 through 1973.

Greenberg Building 1988
In 1973, Harry Sandosky and Gus Bidinger modernized the building.

The front facade was modernized with California redwood which subsequently darkened. Inside they installed new plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems.

Greenberg Building

In 1998 Bruce Greenberg returned the building to a traditional appearance. The second floor remained closed in. The center bay front second floor woodwork was revised to be compatible with the bays flanking it. The building was renamed the Greenberg Building.

Greenberg Building
The Greenberg Building in 2017 with name above central entrance.                 Photograph by Gerald D. Chandler.

Occupying the left front store is 'A Likely Story' book store and and the right front office is Hammond Law LLC.

The Greenberg Building is located in the heart of the Sykesville Historic District at 7566 Main Street, Sykesville, Maryland 21784.


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